CycleOut London
Tough Mudder 5K East London
Saturday 24 March 2018, 10:00


Tough Mudder 5K East London

If you are interested in participating in the below then please register to show you are interested.

Just to introduce myself, I'm Craig Batton, Chairman of the London Otters Rowing Club based in East London. 

What I wanted to try and do is team up with some of the other similar London clubs to expand our social interactions and networking. Shorter term, benefiting our members by reaching new groups of friendly people to have fun and network with… but longer term perhaps build on strengths as single unified groups (or just fun, whichever works).

One thing we have done in my club the last 2 years is Tough Mudder, which is an awesome team building exercise as well as being a huge buzz, finishing and having spectators shouting your team when participating in these events. The normal ones we attend are long and often scare people away (being 10-12 miles and around 20 obstacles), in addition to being hard to get to in terms of location. However in March, there will be a shorter 5km event being held in the Olympic Park Stratford which I thought might be a fun way of bring some of our London clubs together, mix up some teams - have a drink after etc.

A group of us from LORC will end up doing this event, but I thought it might be more fun to try and do something cross-clubs. 

Depending how many interested people we get is how we could approach it, perhaps as one big group or various mixed up teams. 

Do you think your club / members might be interested in getting involved - maybe getting between 4+ from each club?

If so, let me know before end of November and I can work on getting a list put together. Tickets would be bought by each individual through the TM website directly then when completed, join a team. Right now, its information gathering, looking to start getting people engaged towards the end of November/start of December.



LORC Chairman